Tomato-Free Ketchup & Crispy Baked Tofu

This is just a quick update to link two recipes I tried this week that I love.

First, I’m trying to get off prilosec because it’s been 2 years too long. I’m taking D-Limonene for now with a few issues as I explore what foods are issues for me. Anyway, I made a list of my favorite food items and found replacements to make this transition easier. Prilosec and similar medications need to be used as temporary relief. They are not supposed to be used permanently. They do a number on your body overtime. My list looks likes this:

  • Chocolate = carob
    • Carob is awesome. It works for me!
  • Marinara = 1) tomato free sauce, or 2) baking soda
    • You basically make the marinara as per usual and add baking soda at the end. It’s pretty good. I haven’t found a tomato-free substitute yet as number 2 is working for now.
  • Caffeine = ginseng & b vitamins
    • I’m hoping this really works for me, but it still sucks!
  • Ketchup = tomato-free ketchup

Second, I wanted to make a crispy tofu because I love homestyle tofu from chinese spots, but I can’t do the fried crap – especially without the prilosec. I found this recipe and I really, really like it:

Hope you enjoy! Comment with any helpful links or tips regarding GERD. Thanks in advance.



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