Halloween 2015 – Broken/Cracked Doll

I have been neglecting this a bit, but I’ve been very busy for the past two months. Halloween, in my opinion, is the best month of the year.

wpid-img_20151031_202332.jpg wpid-img_20151031_202618.jpg

I decided to do a burlesque-style broken/cracked doll using this $20 corset off amazon and making about 50% of the outfit from scratch. The makeup was based off of this YouTube tutorial and the bustle – which I will have to update with pictures of – was made after watching this YouTube tutorial.

I bought a cheap stretchy white skirt from a local tween shop and made the bustle using a yard of white, somewhat stiff but fluid material. It was all hand-sewn. I glued on some tiny pearls and layered in strips of baby blue and pink toile. I made myself a doll tag – Sweet Lily – using the box from the baby doll I had as a prop.

The hat is my favorite piece. I ordered a plain white mini top hat off of eBay for about $2. I glued all kinds of crap to it and it came out perfectly, in my opinion. The shoes that I posted about previously ended up not fitting me due to all the layers of crap on them. I was so mad. Note to self to go up an entire size the next time I attempt that. Otherwise, they would have held up great. I luckily got a pair of really cool white shoes for $6 on clearance at a local cheap clothing store.

I made the choker and two bracelets as well as the gloves. The fishnets are generic white ones off of amazon for about $8. Instead of a garter (because I did want to be able to pee in under an hour), I used bed sheet grips. I cut them and sewed them to the skirt. I also made them a bit prettier. The wonderful thigh-high stockings were purchased here: SockDreams.

Here’s all the pics I have, enjoy:



12087792_10205010214436754_4416678996039391527_o Untitled2

12112141_10205004501813942_4203281743559376258_n Untitled





As a side note, I also did a very quick and half-assed Cheshire cat for an Alice in Wonderland whiskey tea party and I played around with latex for life-like mermaid scales when bored. Pictures below.







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