Halloween 2015 – Refurbished Shoes

My cost was approximately $7.50:

  • Black patent faux-leather victorian-ish shoes from goodwill @ $5.99
  • FolkArt multi-surface whicker white acrylic paint @ $1.29

Other Items Used (I had these already):

  • Sponge/Sponge Brush
  • Paint Brushes
  • Polyurethane in clear satin
  • Rustoleum never-wet
  • Silver puffy fabric paint


  1.  Washed the suckers for a cycle on hot with some detergent. Air dried them. Cleaned them with acetone to soften any sealant on the faux-leather.
  2. Painted the booties white with a standard paint brush; 5 layers. Left them alone for a week to cure.
  3. Finished a final coat of white paint using a corner snipped off a dish sponge I had. I wanted to get rid of any brush strokes. It worked well.
  4. Hot-glued the original buttons back onto the shoes. I removed the metal anchors on the back to be able to do this. I painted them rough with silver puffy fabric paint.
  5. I took a tiny paint brush and painted the seams of the shoe with a silver paint and smeared it a bit to give a better definition to the seams as well as to help with the aged look of the booties.
  6. I took a fan brush and dipped it into the silver paint. I streaked the shoes for a worn look.
  7. Sealed with 3 coats of poly. Sprayed them for water protection with the Rustoleum never-wet.

Can’t wait to see how they hold up! Pics below.

wpid-img_20151005_172551.jpgwpid-20151005_184534.jpgwpid-img_20151016_210214.jpg12108058_10205000613836745_7114920182396760773_n13071576 d0c957a0-3b08-4a7d-8102-eaeac18d11db_400 Non-Scratch Scour Pad_E satinacry

Here’s my collage of inspiration. I’ll post more as I move along with this project.



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