KrazeXL & Metabolic Reset


So, after quitting smoking awhile ago, I gained this pesky 10lbs that would not go away. Even with me almost killing myself with the road bike – literally. But, we’ll get to that in a moment. I did some research on appetite suppressants because I absolutely realized that my biggest enemy is snacking. I don’t even eat crappy foods. I’ll just use up a ton of calories, even on fruit or veggies, by snacking all day. I decided to take a change on this KrazeXL stuff. As of right now, after a week using it, I love it and will continue to use it. I use for things like this, and it had a decent rating. Try it if you need something like this. I am sensitive to all things I put into my body. I stopped drinking any extra caffeine, and I’ve had no complaints with these suckers. I’ll update more as I progress.

Two weeks ago I crashed my road bike. Don’t worry, the bike is perfectly fine. I broke its fall. I looked like someone beat me with a bat and my lower abdomen was so swollen, I looked 3-months pregnant. Turns out that I’m going to make it after-all, but not without injury. I might have fucked up my right knee.


Now, onto the metabolic reset. I did a shit-ton of research for nutrition for small bodies, basal metabolic rate (BMR), and different detoxes diets. I took into consideration all of my personal eating habits – like needing crunch/sweet when stressed and needing a nightly snack – and made my own meal plan for 5 days (5 to 7 for low-calorie resets is about as far as you should stretch things). I started at 800 cals and moved up to 1000 cals where I will remain while I am unable to workout. With my BMR + my activity level, this should keep me moving at 1lb per week. I will adjust as I begin to workout again, etc.

You can do your BMR at Here’s the links to my recipes on there: Coco-Cherry Smoothie, Banana-Berry Smoothie, Lunch, Dinner, & Nightly Snack.

I alternated between the two smoothies. I never put the agave into the Coco-Cherry one. I love them both, but the berry one is amazing. The rest of the menu remained the same. With the salmon, I did curry and red pepper, lemon pepper, or whatever I felt like with the seasonings that didn’t add calories. Gotta keep it interesting, right?

Here is a free downloadable PDF for you of everything with pictures: CLICK


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