New Toys, Updates, & a Smoothie Recipe

I guess I’ll start with the new toys – since that will keep us in sequence. I was getting some really bad wrist pain and numbness in my right hand. Apparently they have a name for this – handlebar palsy. Under the advice of a friend, I purchased these grips: Ergon GP5. I have to say that these things are amazing. They have variations of these, but I went for the option with the most variety of hand positioning. I love them.

I also have to give a shout out to the little radio/mp3 player I grabbed off Amazon, the AGPtEK 2015, 8GB. This thing is awesome! I wanted the radio option when riding and this thing is inexpensive, light as a feather, and it works great so far. I made it a little pocket on my backpack. It was a quick, half-assed little project.

11796217_10204576495274046_180984631565437740_nIf you need some safety glasses at an extremely reasonable price, check out these suckers: Rugged Blue SC-260 Polycarbonate Diablo Safety Glasses, Gray. I picked them up in clear for nighttime, also. The clear ones seem to be listed still as $2.00, but the gray and the amber look to have gone up significantly. I snagged them at around $2.00 about a month ago. I’m sure it’ll go back down eventually.

Updates: I’ve pushed my maximum distance to 22.23 miles. What I do is try to go 1 mile or more over my last distance each Saturday. That is my current marker. I also noticed that I have increased my speed. I average 13 to 15mph, but I can also endure bursts of a mile or more at 16-17mph. I’m doing something right. So, I’ll continue with that. I’m getting ready for a ride once I get off of here. It’s not usual that I have a Monday off, but since I do…

wpid-img_20150809_174023.jpgPink Detox Blast Smoothie Recipe from NutriLiving.

  • ¼ Medium   Avocado
  • 1 Stalk   Celery
  • ½ Cup   Strawberries
  • ½   Beets
  • 2 Tablespoons   Lemon Juice
  • 1 Teaspoon   Coconut Oil
  • ½   Apple
  • 3   Ice Cubes
  • To Max Line   Coconut Water

This thing was good! Give it try. I prepped for 4 smoothies when I purchased the ingredients. I used about 1 Cup of coconut water for each, and used frozen strawberries instead of ice cubes. I guess a stalk here means 1 rib of celery because that’s what I went with!


Here’s some stuff off my Instagram/SOIJENN account. Check it out for more!



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