A Minor Obsession

So, it looks like I was able to complete 73.3 miles this week on the bike. Apparently this burned 3,322 calories. I’d really love to see that caloric burn start to show fat loss results!

3I did a bunch of exploring yesterday and got a couple nice videos. While attempting to get the waterfall up on Instagram, two white butterflies appeared. It was cool because a relative just passed away who had a thing with butterflies and his ex-wife who’d passed away previously. I took it to mean they’d hooked back up in the afterlife and that everyone was cool now.

I made some chayote salad (or salsa). I have no idea what a chayote is, but this ended up being good. It reminds me of an apple with no flavor.Also, if you have never had a Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie, you are missing out!

Here are some pictures to update from last time:

91 8 7 6 42 19 5


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