So, I Bought a Road Bike Today…

31-1433-BLK-SIDESo, I went to Performance Bike today, and after torturing the sales guy, I ended up with this bike pictured above. What I said: “I don’t want to spend more than $400 on the bike, helmet, and lock combined. There’s a Fuji for $319, $349 and a Diamondback I’d like to try.” What actually occurred: I bought a $669 bike on sale and spent about $50 on the helmet and lock.

I test rode this bike and a medium, 17″ Fuji. I liked this so much better. I hope I can do a solid review after I use it a bit. The seat has got to go, but I found one on amazon for under $30 with suspension and memory foam. That will be a must since the bike has no suspension (as I requested).

Below are some pictures of what I have been riding. I have had this thing since I was about 13 or 14 years old. I lived on it as a kid, but have just carted it around with me where ever I have moved to. I recently took it out of hibernation and realized I needed a real bike. With all of that said, this sucker is in great shape.

wpid-20150627_184650.jpgwpid-20150627_184719.jpg wpid-20150627_184704.jpg wpid-20150627_184733.jpg wpid-20150627_184742.jpgLink to Fuji Specs: click here.


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