Day 1 of 3: Detox Cleanse

I just now started to crash from this insane energy I have had all day. I woke up at 8:30am in a pretty standard morning mood. I had the detox tea – which for me consisted of organic green tea, a slice of lemon, and a teaspoon of coconut sugar. Then I had to go shopping for all the other crap I needed, so breakfast didn’t happen until 12pm.

I prepped 90% of my smoothies for the next two days. I put most of the items for each smoothie into a mason jar for easier access. Also, these serve as the cup I will use to consume the smoothies. AC Moore had a sale on mason jars today. How convenient!

I’m sitting here sipping the dinner smoothie as I type. It’s a little spicy. I don’t mind it. It’s something remotely savory and I’ll take it. In general, I have had enough energy all day to run a marathon, but I certainly wouldn’t think twice about assaulting you for a slice of pizza.

I spent about $40 on this endeavor. I saved myself money by using frozen pineapple, raspberries, and blueberries. These happened to be on sale, too. I really didn’t need the lemons, but I will use them. I love lemons. Pretty much every thing I bought was organic except for the frozen fruit. The almond butter is raw, unsalted, and non-gmo. It’s also the most exciting thing for me thus far in that it’s new and it adds some hint of savory flavor. The most expensive item I had to purchase was the omega 3-6-9 supplements. These are flax based because I try to choose vegan or vegetarian options as often as I can. They were $13.39 for 100 capsules. Still not bad.

I only got hungry when I had passed the 4 hour mark after lunch. And cranky as hell.

Here’s my snack recipe. I excluded all the things I noticed had been excluded in this detox (dairy, sugar, etc). I did add some protein. You can find the link to what I use in my previous post – I am being lazy, but it’s Herbal Zen brand.

The Snack Smoothie: 3/4C Coconut water, 1/2C Almond milk, 1 Scoop Protein, 3 Slices of plantain, 1/4C Spinach or kale, & 1TBSP Almond butter. Blend that shit and drink it. Why did I use plantains, you say? Because I had them frozen from awhile ago, they need to be used, they are pretty rad, and I’m fucking starving!

I’m not actually that hungry right now as I finish this dinner smoothie, FYI. Here are some pictures below. I’m going to go write the blog about my new bike right after this!

Detox tea:

teaBreakfast Smoothie, Breakfast Smoothie Prep, & My Version of Pro-biotic:

detoxbrkfstbreakfastprobioticPrepping Stuff:

detox1And, lastly, a shot of my cabinet. Because, I said so.



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