Heart of Stone

you think you’re over it
no feelings left
but regret
floods your chest
when you lock eyes
for the first time
in a long time

tunnel vision fades
as the full image
comes into view
and she’s smiling
holding hands
with a guy
who isn’t you

your stomach twists
must have had one
too many drinks
but it’s early yet
and you’re still
ignoring the truth

you’ve only had a few
and like a train-wreck
you watch her, happy,
with the guy
who isn’t you

and they laugh,
they hug, they kiss
it’s as if you
don’t exist

the liquor isn’t working
to numb the ache
in your chest
shot after shot
you try to ingest

you’re drunk and
you’re body is numb
all you can hear
is the deafening
sound of a beating

your so-called heart
of stone
is the only thing
still working
you’re never felt
so alone

she walks out the door
with the guy who
isn’t you
it’s better that way
you tell yourself
it’s easier that way
lying to yourself
is the easiest way


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