Take It All

take 2 of these
you wont feel better
in the morning
but you’ll feel just fine
take 2 of these
take four – fuck it…
FUCK IT – what’s 1 more?

once more you fall
maybe this time you’ll…
maybe it’s time to lose
it all
every last breathing
shred of hope –
suffocate it!

suffocating desire
to be
desire to believe
believing this is
the only way
stay awhile – please stay!

denial is
your best
swallow it
(swallow them)

swallowing your soul
your blank stare says it all
can you see through
(you’re see through)
the mirror on the wall
knows you!

take 2 of these
(take more)
take 4 of these
(take more)
take 6 of these
(take more)
rip your soul out
by it’s rotting core

once more you fall
no safety net
just regret
drown in your mess
breathe in your disease
take 2 of these
wake up in a fog
don’t mind the mess
let it collect
sucking in more
wasted time.

wasting time
(killing time)
walking the line
of death
dead inside
physically alive
until the body joins
the soul (and dies).

take 2 of these
(take more)
take it all!
take everything!
suck the life
from everything!
kill the beauty
make it ugly!
make it rot!
make it suffer!

suffering by choice
choosing to feed
the hunger –
the monster –
that resides in us all…



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