Fairy Tales

There’s no such thing as Fairy Tales.Put the Cinderella down and raise your little girls on truth.We grow up wishing to be rescued – let down after let down;We grow cold instead of strong; Sleeping Beauty’s got the message all wrong.

Raise your little girls on strength.They aren’t Damsels in Distress. Don’t lead them down a road of pain and hurt. True strength is knowing their own worth; What she stands for and what she won’t stand. Teach her to love herself and she’ll know she can – without the delusion of being rescued by a man.

There’s no such thing as Mr. Right.Frogs don’t turn into princes; three thousand kisses and that asshole’s still a frog. No woman can change a man – no man will save her from her path;We are all the victims of a fate molded by our own hands.

Lock yourself in a tower high above the ground – you’ll die of old age before your Savior comes around. Bricks bonded in fear; Hair longer than hell.Waiting for the Miracle Man to climb into your cell – but they don’t tell you that he really doesn’t exist. He’s never coming – tell your daughters this.

There’s no such thing as Happily Ever After – no Prince Charming; Knight in Shining Armor.There’s no Fairy Tale-endings, only heartbreak;No such thing as falling in love for love’s sake.No such thing as soul-mates – no matter what the stars say; Even if your soul aches when they walk away; Even if your eyes meet and you see inside – it’s all a lie.


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