Untitled – Karma’s a Bitch

karma’s a bitch, you’ll see
when you get it back
for the way you’ve treated me
times three; it comes times three

nothin’ in this life comes easily
if its worth while
i know i put my effort in
definitely did; yeah, i definitely did

no regrets, nothing to prove
wave goodbye
your perfect girl doesn’t want you
not you; not a thing to do with you

too many tears i cried
my heart slammed by your fist
forgiven each time
wave goodbye; i’m waving goodbye

you don’t have it in you
to ever win me back
it’s such a shame, too
love you; i truly love you

bullshit yourself, make the time pass
hold onto that pride
cause it’ll wear away fast
up your ass; it’ll go right up your ass

when you realize what you’ve lost
it’s a damn shame
real love’s a rare thing to come across
a loss; what a fuckin’ loss


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