Untitled – Just Us Two

here we are again –
just us two.
you’re not looking so bad,
but you’re feeling blue.

you keep yourself busy,
so you don’t get lost in your head.
until its just us
alone in your bed.

me and you –
we lost touch for awhile;
kept yourself numb
in a cloud of denial.

now here we are
eye to eye, chin to chin.
where one story ends
another begins…

i see in your eyes
that your hearts very sore,
and the pain that you’re feeling
shoots straight to your core.

yet somehow you’re smiling
with your head held high.
you took all your baggage
and set it aside.

i want to hear the story.
what made you return?
what did you lose
and what did you learn?

and you told him you love him?
and he threw you away?
but he told you you’re perfect…?
he told you to stay…?

you don’t understand it?
well, neither do i.
so let out your tears
if you need a good cry.

its not JUST about you;
its not JUST about him.
its about you two together
and what could have been.

he woke you up?
made you feel alive?
said there was a connection
that you both couldn’t deny?

so what changed the story?
what caused things to end?
you weren’t worth it?
but you are as a friend?

well, we all have decisions
to make in this life.
just be happy
you chose what felt right.

if he hadn’t pushed you
you would never be here?
you have to be thankful
and stop with the tears.

your heart may be broken,
but your spirit’s renewed –
and with all the little pieces
that have come unglued…

you’ll make it okay;
you’ll make it alright…
just lay here with me
in the cold of the night.

we’ll think of the future
where your dreams become true.
we’ll start reaching those goals
that we set out to do.

you’re no longer numb,
and you’re feeling this pain.
but at the end of the tunnel
and through the heaviest rain

there’s always an answer
to your most powerful prayer,
and if nothing else matters
know i’ll always be there.

try your best not to leave me
but even if you do…
i know you’ll return
so i can help see you through.

together we’re perfect –
warm, loving, and pure –
and of this i am certain;
of this i am sure.

through the darkest of alleys,
when life seems unfair,
when your love for another
is thrown to the air,

and they push you so far,
just to watch you fall…
i’ll pick you back up
broken pieces and all.


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