Untitled – Pass Me By

how do you escape a reality that doesn’t make sense
when you’ve let yourself fall with no safety net
and the person you desire has left you a mess

“i have no desire to be with anyone else,
you’ve changed my once solid decision
to avoid the wrath of commitment and i’m
so happy to have met you”

how do you put together a puzzle of time
when the pieces are disguised
in a series of lies

“i just can’t be what you need
even if all you need is me
to show that i care like i said
i did… i can’t be there and
i won’t”

how do you go to sleep at night through tears
just to reawaken in the morning to the fears
you tried to escape for two years

“what do i want from you? i just want
you to be what you have been
this whole time… and stay.”

how do you kill yourself again inside
when you worked so hard to hide
your emotional side

“i pray for the thunder and rain
to quietly pass me by”

and so do i… my god in heaven, so do i.


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