sometimes you have to follow your heart,
swallow your pride,
& hope you don’t choke.
you can’t ever give up on the things you need the most.
everyone makes mistakes,
and if you don’t take risks,
how will you ever know the answers to the what if’s?

you have to listen to what your heart wants,
even if your mind says its wrong.
sometimes the road to realization is long,
and maybe it hurts,
but you must put your happiness first.

some have been thought brave
because they were afraid
to run away (1),
but that doesn’t make it okay to stay.
when your heart aches for a different path
than your feet have found,
sometimes you have to turn around,
find the right ground,
and follow the beat in your chest.
your mind doesn’t always know best.

some desire is necessary to keep life in motion (2),
and there is no magic potion to erase your deepest yen.
you must let your heart over-speak your head
to succeed.
you can’t ever give up on the things you need.

our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake (3),
no matter what is at stake.
there is no wrong risk to take
when it’s a decision you let your heart make.

sometimes you have to let things go,
or else you may never know
if it was meant to be.
even if it seems
that your every hope and dream
falls to shit,
you will always succeed in knowing the what if.

1- Thomas Fuller
2- Samuel Johnson
3- Henry David Thoreau


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