Pieces of Myself

you only think you know me
pieces of myself
spread all over the place
you look
right through me

my superpowers include
genuine sincerity –
honestly; I lie
in bed at night

dreaming; hopes and
desires that are more
than subconscious
when I wake up
and remember

pieces of myself
in a journal, I
set my goals out
my dreams; blue prints
for what is to come

when I’ve come to you
for help; opinions; support
and your reply
directs me in a completely
different direction,

at every intersection,
you will no longer
be a source of my
inspiration; i don’t
need your support –

lack of concern
for my well being
or success; my heart
guides me best
and I don’t need

a different beat;
you try to
make my struggle
harder; make my
wounds deeper

scars keep me alive;
show me I can, in fact,
bleed; and that
is the only thing
I can ever need

from you.


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